Message of thanks from President of NADEP

On behalf of National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan (NADEP) and BIDE. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your participation and support for the first ever diabetes education conference NADEP. Con at Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi, Pakistan, on February 21-22 2015.

The success of the conference can be gauged from the number of registered participants as more than 600 delegates mostly from the Medical universities, Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Nursing schools, Pakistan nutrition and Dietetic society (PNDS), Pakistan Pharmacists Association (PPA) other Health related Institutes, Health Regulatory Authorities and Policy Makers gathered at the conference from across the country.

Before the formal inauguration of conference a public awareness session, was organized on Saturday, 21 February, 2015, which was attended by a large number of people with diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes shared their experiences in managing diabetes and how they were coping with their academic or professional responsibilities. Well known TV personalities Ayaz Khan and Anwar Iqbal presented a skit delivering the key messages of diabetes management in a lighter way. The session concluded with “Meet the Experts Panel” where patients were able to ask questions regarding diabetes management.

The Symposium began with the formal Inauguration in the Regent Plaza with the capacity of more than 400 people. It was packed to capacity. The chief guest of the conference was secretary general of Pakistan Diabetic Association (DAP) Prof. Samad Shera. President NADEP Dr. Musarrat Riaz welcomes the delegates and elaborated the objectives of the NADEP and the symposium. Dr. Musarrat Riaz, in her welcome address said that NADEP is a national body not only of diabetes educators but of nurses, doctors, dietitians, Pharmacists and other allied health care professionals and their families. Our primary objective is to educate and raise awareness of diabetes amongst our health care professionals and in the community. Prof. Samad Shera while addressing the gathering stated that Knowledge without use is of no use. We should learn to implement what we have learnt.

Ms. Anne-Marie Felton, President Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND), from London who delivered her talk online, discussed the main features of the Policy Puzzle. She stressed that we should recognize the professional status of Diabetes Specialist Nursing and provides accredited academic training and establishes political advocacy groups. Prof. Angus Forbes, from FEND – Chair in Diabetes Nursing Care and Research Education from UK also speaking online at the occasion lauded the efforts of Prof. Abdul Basit and his team for excellent work in the management of diabetes being carried out in Pakistan . Access to therapy, he stated, is very important for management of diabetes. We should create opportunities for diabetes nurses to share and develop better ways of delivering diabetes care, generate and transfer of knowledge that will enhance the wellbeing of people with diabetes.

Prof. Abdul Basit, Director of Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE) addressing the participants said that a new era of diabetes care has started in Pakistan . We are sending two nurses for training to UK and their travel expense will be borne by BIDE while Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND) will provide training and other facilities. After one year training these nurses will come back and train other nurses and we will have a comprehensive nurses training program in Pakistan.

The Scientific session of Conference held on second day, was chaired by Prof. Zaman Sheikh, Professor of Medicine and Director Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (SIDE). Co-Chair was Prof. Jamal Zafar, professor of Medicine at PIMS hospital Islamabad, and Prof. Bilal Bin Younus, Professor of Medicine at Shalimar Medical College and Hospital. First presentation was on Insulin Pumps and CGM systems by Dr.Qamar Masood, leading endocrinologist from Agha Khan university. Various indications and functioning of insulin pumps were discussed in detail.

The second speaker Ms Anne Belton, vice president International Diabetes Federation (IDF) through webinar titled Changing Practice - moving from teacher to facilitator, discussed ways to counsel patients and importance of patient empowerment.

Ms. Barbara Eichorst in her talk titled Medical Nutritional Therapy vs. Nutrition Education also through webinar talked about the importance of dietary modifications in the management of diabetes.

The next session consisted of interactive training workshops which were attended heavily by participants. The eight parallel Workshops were facilitated by visiting keynote speakers and national experts.

The landmark presentation was given by Prof. Abdul Basit on Diabetes Education in Pakistan and Future Prospectus. Prof. Basit traces history of Diabetes Education in Pakistan and carried out his deliberation as a journey from beginning to this day. He presented the status of BIDE on inception started from single room and at present the recognition of BIDE as one of eight IDF designated centres of Education worldwide.

Vice President of Research advisory Board (RAB), Prof. Abdul Basit, gave the presentation on current working and future planning of RAB. To develop research culture RAB will continue online Research Course in future and the website has details of steps how to carry out Research. For individual healthcare provider Prof. Abdul Basit, Director BIDE has offered the services of Research Department of BIDE to guide and support at all steps of conducting a research. Had it be selection of research question, data analysis and application of statistics or paper writing.

We would like to thank our collaborator, Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology, Karachi-Sindh, Pakistan. We also thank our sponsors: Novo Nordisk; Abbott Diabetes Care, Sami Pharmaceuticals, Getz Pharma , Genix pharma, Sanofi Pharma, OBS pharma, Pharmevo and. Abbott Nutrition, Lilly, Martin Dow, Otsuka. We congratulate BIDE team, administration and the Volunteers on this successful event.

The landmark success of this symposium and the valued support has encouraged us to response to the voice of enthusiastic delegates by announcing the next NADEP. Con in year 2016 at Lahore Pakistan.

Dr.Zahid Miyan                             Prof. Abdul Basit
President                                             Director
NADEP                                                 BIDE

Message of thanks from President of NADEP

On behalf of National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan (NADEP) and BIDE. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your participation and support for the first ever diabetes education conference NADEP.     [Read More]

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