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Who can be a member
Anyone who shares the NADEP objectives and wishes to support the Aim and Objectives of the NADEP.
Categories of Members
Founder Members
Founder members initial executive body would be elected from amongst the founder members and in future executive councils posts of two executive members will be reserved for founder members as long as practically feasible. Members would be selected for this post by voting/consent among the founder members. Founder members would be eligible to attend meetings of executive committee as observers. Founder members may be given a discount on life membership.
Professional Members

The one who shares the NADEP objectives and has a suitable qualification and/or training in diabetes education (e.g. diploma in diabetes education etc) that enables him/her to provide comprehensive /specific diabetes education.

Privileges and rights of Founder members and Professional members.

Associate Members

Anyone who shares the NADEP objectives and is practicing health care professional providing education in any particular area of diabetes care e.g. diabetic foot care, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy etc.

Privileges and rights of associate member.

Non Professional Members

Anyone who shares the NADEP objectives and has interest in diabetes or diabetes education. Family members of people with diabetes helping them to manage it.

Patron Members

Anyone (company or Society) who shares the NADEP objectives and wishes to support the Aim and Objectives of the NADEP

Privileges and rights of patron members

Students Members

Students of any discipline/level interested in diabetes and diabetes education

Privileges and rights of student members

Child Members

Anyone under the age of 18 interested in diabetes education

Any person desirous of becoming a member in any category shall apply to the General Secretary of the Society. Every applicant will have to satisfy the Executive Committee for his eligibility by producing the evidence required by the committee. The Committee has the right to accept or reject membership application.

How to become a member

It is very easy to become a member of NADEP

The subscription rates may be revised by the NADEP as and when the general body deems fit

Message of thanks from President of NADEP

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A journey from patient to a Diabetes Educator

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Prevention of foot complications through Diabetes Education

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